‘High Flight’ Concert Recording

Here is the live recording of the premiere performance of ‘High Flight’, given by Edmund Saddington (pictured) and the Finzi Quartet conducted by Andy Morley, 26th May 2010. I hope the music makes some sense all by itself, as I’m not sure I’m actually allowed (or in possession of the technical wherewithal) to post it with the accompanying archive footage. Should I make any discoveries on this front, you’ll be the first to know…

Edmund gave a second performance of ‘High Flight’ as part of his final recital on the 28th June 2010, in the beautiful chapel at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. This was a version of the piece specially arranged for voice and piano rather than string quartet accompaniment, and with a shortened introduction so that the music would work better without film. He gave a beautiful rendition, accompanied by Leo Nicholson on piano, and it was an honour  to have my music feature in such an accomplished recital.

I have no doubt that we can expect great things of Mr Saddington in the future.
High Flight by dotsonpaper


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