Laura Moody

Anyone who has known me for any reasonable amount of time will have heard me bang on about this lady. But for the uninitiated…

Laura Moody makes glorious filthy heavenly pop music with a giant lump of wood and metal between her legs. She sings, shrieks, growls, whoops, bows, plucks, taps, beatboxes, whispers, purrs, and modulates (endangers) her windpipe with the back of her bow. The only reason she is not a superstar is that she has to try to publicize her work without me finding out about it. This is of course futile. Because I am her devoted psycho-stalker-fan.

Laura Moody has a shiny new website, which you can get to here. I encourage you to go listen to / buy her EP, for it is fab. You can also get all the latest Moody-news, and find out about future gigs. Speaking of which…

Laura is playing at ‘The Forge’ in Camden on 14th July 2010, 7.30PM. She will be performing a full set including BRAND NEW songs from her forthcoming album. Tickets are £8/£6 and are available here. If something isn’t on facebook it isn’t really real, so here is the link to the facebook event. Will you see me there? Try and stop me…


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