The Muse

Tickets are selling out fast for THE MUSE, a new play by Palimpsest. I’m having a brilliant time working on this, not least because it has reunited me with two fabulous ‘Out of the Cage‘ chums: Tegen Hitchens (Dorothy Dene), and Katherine Tozer (Emilie Barrington / Playwright / Artistic Director). Palimpsest are a really interesting multidisciplinary company, who “explore the distinction between live theatre, recorded film, photography and the digital space to discover how these elements may illuminate each other”.

The Muse

The Muse

“Beauty. Nudity. Ambition. The rise and fall of fame.

Palimpsest present a world premiere of The Muse at Leighton House Museum in March 2015. Exploring the relationship between Lord Leighton and his model, muse and confidante, Dorothy Dene, The Muse fuses theatre, film and online elements. The play begins with a drinks soirée ranging through the glorious salons of Leighton’s palace of art and culminates in the artist’s studio where Dorothy posed nude in 1886.

Strictly limited tickets for ten performances, on sale now on Eventbrite


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